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By Kay Burton

8 Workout Hairstyles To Keep Your Blowout Fresh

We've all been there. You fit in a workout on your lunch break (go you!) but got a little too much perspiration in your hair. Blowout = ruined.

Washing your locks everyday dries out your strands, so we rounded up the best sweat-proof workout hairstyles so you don’t have to skip out on prioritizing your health. Keep releasing those mood-boosting endorphins and check out our 8 gym hairstyles below.

1. French Connection


French braids are not nearly as complicated as they look. Best done on second day hair, the French braid will allow you to concentrate fully on your workout so you won't have to give a second thought to your hair.

The best part? When released, they create a wavy, post-workout texture. Just spritz some dry shampoo on your roots and you are ready to take on the day.

Pro Tip: Before braiding apply Sea Salt Spray on towel-dried hair for extra texture and weight.


2. The Default Top Knot


A workout go-to. As cute as it is functional, the top knot will soon be your default gym hairstyle. It guarantees to keep your blowout fresh by keeping the strands away from your soon-to-be-sweaty neck and forehead.

Pro Tip: Use hair ties or scrunchies that won't crease your hair.


3. Pony Up


A simple, chic ponytail gets the job done. To prevent stray hairs from getting sticky, bobby pin the loose strands or pair with a moisture-absorbing soft headband for extra security.

Pro Tip: Use the cold setting on your blow dryer post-workout to remove sweat from your roots.


4. Twisted Rope Pony


Want something more unique to wear during your sweat sash? Try a twisted rope pony. Slick back hair into a tight ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Split the pony into two sections and twist both to the right until you reach the end.

A tight classic braid would be a quick, stylish alternative.

Bonus: The twist will leave you with tousled, textured waves when released.


5. Romantic Plaits


This boho braid is the workout hairstyle of our dreams. After braiding, pull out the plait for a more romantic, effortless look. Hide the elastic by wrapping a section of your hair around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.

The side braid will keep the hair out of your face (say goodbye to those gross sweat strands that stick to your forehead).

We love that this style is cute enough to keep in place after your workout.


6. Out-of-This-World Space Buns


Versatile 90s space buns are still very much on trend - and for good reason, they are a vibe.

They look cute on all textures and lengths. Try them with your natural texture for a heatless style (less heat=less damage). You can go straight from Yoga to brunch and no one will know.


7. The Double Dutch


Double dutch braids (aka reverse French braids) can tackle even the sweatiest PiYo class while still looking cute-as-can-be.

Pro Tip: If you are planning to wash your hair after your workout, apply a leave in conditioner or deep-conditioning mask before you style your braids.


8. Messy Bun Magic


For an effortless workout 'do, throw your hair up in a messy bun.

Pair with a wide Twist Band or a Turband to minimize frizz and prevent the sweat from dripping down your brow during the most intense workouts.

After your workout, spray dry shampoo to soak up any excess oil and post-workout grease.



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