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By Carly Bitz

90s Inspired Hairstyles We Need To Bring Back

Ah, 90s nostalgia. The era of pop culture, making Friends, frosted tips (for the record we do not want to bring those back), and butterfly clips. I can almost hear Third Eye Blind's "Semi Charmed Life" as I type this. 

As a 90s baby myself, the era doesn't feel that long ago, but I'm now pushing 30 so maybe this Millenial needs a wake-up call. A few 90s hairstyles made a comeback this year and we are here for it. Keep reading for all our favorite styles.

Fringe Bangs

Lisa Bonet's effortless cool girl style is matched perhaps only by stylish daughter Zoë Kravitz. Regardless, we will always try to emulate the bohemian, free-spirited fashion trends. We are all heart eyes for her natural textured fringe bangs. Starting a petition to also bring back her iconic circle glasses. 
Another 90s icon, arguably the most popular pop star of the era, Mariah Carey easily pulls off the fringe bangs. We may not be able to hit her high notes, but we can definitely duplicate her natural curls and barely-there makeup look. 


Claw Clip

The claw clip made a comeback in 2020 and it is seemingly here to stay. No opposition here, we love that claw clip hairstyles can be done in under a minute. Plus, no tugging and pulling = no damage. 
We love Gwyneth's half up half down hairstyle. If you try this look, pull out face-framing pieces to soften your features.

The Rachel

Maybe I've watched too much Friends, but I can hear this photo. Seen above is a longer version of 'The Rachel' with not as much shag. We are big fans of long layers and natural-looking highlights.
Now I just need all of Jen's anti-aging tips.

Fairy Pixie

Winona Ryder's 90s layered pixie cut is both timeless and iconic. Depending on your hair texture, this cut is easily manageable and will drastically cut down the time you spend on styling.

If your hair is in need of a fresh start, take a risk. You never know, it might be your new favorite.

Preppy Pony

Denise Richards is an ethereal beauty. To replicate this style, put your hair up into a high, smooth ponytail and secure with a scrunchie. Pull out face-framing pieces for an undone look. 

In true VSCO girl fashion, one can never have too many scrunchies

Turn Up The Volume

I started saying 'as if' ironically and now its permanently part of my vocabulary. I used to pay for a high volume blowout like Alicia Silverstone's (above) until I realized I can do it at home with a hair dryer brush and velcro rollers. 
90s supermodel fluffy hair will never go out of style as long as we're concerned. Make sure to use a heat protection spray and finish with a volumizing spray for maximum fullness.


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