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By Kay Burton

9 Second Day Hairstyles That You (And Your Hair) Will Love

Ain't nobody got time to wash and style their hair everyday.

Even if they did, washing your hair too much can actually be damaging to your locks. Shampoo is designed to remove excess oil - but everyday washing will strip your hair of its natural, essential oils leaving you with dehydrated hair and a dry scalp. No ty.

We've gathered our favorite second day hairstyles (or third or fourth, we don't judge) so that you can hide unclean hair and style heat-free.


1. The Claw Comeback


Claw clips, a '90s hair staple, have made a comeback - and for good reason. These chic clips aren't as casual as the scrunchie, but just as convenient. It works on a variety of hair textures: just wrap your hair into a knot and secure with the clip for a quick sleek look that will absolutely hide that second day hair.

But as far as '90s trends go, let's unanimously agree to never bring back pencil-thin eyebrows.


2. Face-framing Braids


Seen on celebs like Margot Robbie and Hailey Bieber (and nearly every Instagram influencer), this feminine look perfectly frames the face while adding texture.

This trend is perfect for my girls who love working out. It's almost impossible to get the hair around your face to look clean after a high-intensity workout without washing again. Two quick braids will hide any oily fringe - we promise.

You can keep the braids down, tuck them behind your ears, or bobby pin them towards the back to create a crown.


3. Extra Wide Headband


Stay in bed that extra hour because a wide headband will hide oily roots. Leah (pictured above) is wearing our twist style headband in Mustard.

Try a color that contrasts your hair color to make a statement.

Click here to steal her look.


4. The Puffy Pony


Give your hair a break and embrace your curls with the puffy pony.

This look is as cute as it is practical. Bret (pictured above) accessorized her pony with the Soulvation knot style headband in Creme. This headband is a customer fav because it adjusts at the knot for peak comfort.


5. High Half Pony

Half up half down ponytail

A new take on business in the front and party in the back.

The fashionable half-up half-down ponytail has a sleek look that makes the oil seem intentional. Her beachy waves in the back easily disguise any greasy roots. Remember, the more volume and texture the better.

6. Beanie


The fastest fix: throw a hat on it.

Beanies come in a variety of textures, colors, and prints. They are simply the easiest way to hide dirty hair and they look cute-as-can-be with sun dresses or swimsuits. Invest in this summer-ready accessory. I'm sold.


7. Bubble Ponytails


Arguably the cutest way to disguise greasy roots.

Part hair down the middle and smooth into two high ponytails, just above your crown. Place an elastic (distanced equally about an inch and a half) down the ponytail. Pull out the 'bubble' to create a more voluminous look.

Pro Tip: Pulling the elastics out of your hair causes breakage. Instead, use a small scissor to cut them out OR use a drop of lemon essential oil and the band will break right off (thank goodness for TikTok hacks).


8. Decorated Hair

Bye bye greasy hair struggles.

Spritz on some dry shampoo and glam up your look with your favorite hair clips. Currently the trend is that you cannot have enough accessories in your hair. Mix and match and be out the door in minutes.

9. The Sleek Pony

Ponytail holder


You can't go wrong with a classic.

Skip the dry shampoo for this one. The sleek and tight ponytail miraculously hides your oily roots because you're working with it. It is actually easier to achieve this style with dirty locks.

Unbeknownst to the world that you are rocking a lazy girl hairstyle.



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