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By Carly Bitz

Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

Hot girl summer is fast approaching and let's be honest - we all want fresh hair. Tis the season for brighter blondes and dreamy brunettes. If you're ready to book your appointment, check out the inspo below. 
We found the top trending colors for 2021 (so you don't have to).
Money Pieces
Money pieces (aka face-framing highlights) are one of the most requested balayage techniques at salons. Your stylist will only color the strands around your face -  leaving you with added dimension. The final result makes your eyes pop.
As a blonde myself, I can attest that adding highlights around my face is a quick and affordable way to feel "brightened up" without spending hours in the salon chair. Money pieces are perfect for you if you need a pick-me-up in between a full foil.
All heart eyes for the bronde trend. Not quite blonde, not quite brunette. A perfect in-between that is always in season and universally flattering.
Blonde highlights on brunettes or dirty blondes added dimension and depth, leaving you with a sun-kissed look that is ideal for summer. Let your stylist know how you normally wear your hair so they can balayage to fit your texture.
Return of the Natural Hair
What's more low maintenance than your natural color? Quarantine allowed some to embrace their au natural locks. If you're looking for a healthy change of pace, this may be the trend for you.
After growing your hair out for a month or two, your stylist can easily tell your natural shade and match from there. Add a gloss for extra shine to enhance the color.
Babylights are delicate, fine highlights that look like they've been naturally lightened in the sun. They can be added to any hair color for a fresh, "maybe she's born with it?" look.
As your hair grows, the babylights are so subtle that there is no major contrast between them and the new growth. You'll only need touch-ups every 3-4 months. We love a low-maintenance look. 
Pop of Color
If you're looking for a more drastic change, try a fun pop of color. Summer is the perfect time to mix it up (literally). 
Bold, pastel colors (above) attach more easily to blonde/bleached hair. If you have a darker shade, consider lightening it first - but don't forget to do extra conditioning treatments throughout the process. If you want a more natural color, try a strawberry blonde hue like Gigi (below).
The Lived-in Look
If you want a low-maintenance, budget friendly style - try a shadow root. This "lived-in" look allows you to go longer between appointments because it seamlessly blends with your balayage/highlights. 
It will refresh your look for the summer, and allow for a smooth transition into fall when you want more warmth. 
Brightest Blonde

Ready to make a statement? Platinum blonde is a gorgeous summer shade that gives off all the beachy vibes.

It's key to take proper care of this intense blonde. To maintain the color, don't over wash and use a purple shampoo weekly to prevent warm tones.


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