Our Story – Soulvation

Our Story

Frustrated with the lack of quality headbands that don't give headaches or slide off, I began making headbands with my mom's sewing machine in 2016. It wasn't long before friends and family started requesting custom-made headbands and I accidentally stumbled into my first business. Comfort and style have always won me over, hence our signature butter soft fabric made from high-quality bamboo spandex. I continue to design our headbands and new products with our growing team in Denver, Colorado.
One of my passions is encouraging others to live life to their fullest, to learn from the valleys and to always keep improving yourself. Our infamous Soulvation logo, the double arrow, was a tattoo I first got when I quit my doctoral schooling to pursue entrepreneurship. The arrows signify following your own path, and to keep moving forward regardless of what life throws in your way. Now our official logo in 2020, I hope that when you see our logo it reminds you to keep moving forward, no matter what.

Here with you every hairstyle of the way,
Leah Kay