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By Kay Burton

10 Best Headband Hairstyles

1. Bangs Back (paired with statement piece earrings)


Okay, so this might be our favorite go-to look for when we are in a time crunch. It’s easy, effortless, and takes only a few minutes to achieve a put-together look. We recommend a tousled pony or bun matched with one of our turban-style headbands.

This style is perfect to dress up or down - whether you are stepping out for a grocery store run or a work day to date night transition (although who isn’t WFH these days?).

Pair with some statement earrings or a bold lip for instant glam.


2. Middle Part, Straight Hair


Accessories can change your entire ensemble. Our inspo pic is giving us major Blaire Waldorf vibes.

For an easy and sleek “Queen B” look, part your hair down the middle and run a flatiron through your hair to tame flyaways (I also add in some bond-building style cream and oil for extra shine).

This wear-all-day look can be achieved headache-free with our butter soft turban band in Midnight.


3. Rock your Ringlets


If you have beautiful natural tresses, we think you should show them off. The fluffy bangs pictured above are a look.

Accentuate those curls using appropriate products (if you have curly hair you likely have your can’t-live-without favorites already). The more body, the better. Finalize your look by adding in a stylish band and you’ve reached bombshell status.


4. Messy Bun with Hair-framing Pieces

If we could wear this hairstyle everyday, we would. Oh, wait. We kind of do.

It’s so simple. First, use your fingers to throw your hair back into a high pony and then twist the hair around itself to form a loose bun. Wrap with a hair tie and place bobby pins to secure the hold. Pull out sections to create an imperfect look. Remember, it is a messy bun and disheveled is key. Finally, add a non-slip headband (Ryahn, pictured above, is wearing the knot style band in Midnight) and pull out pieces to frame your face. Voilà.

5. Coveted Beachy Waves


The best part of the textured beach wave trend is that it can look fabulous on any length or hair type.

This look can be achieved with or without heat. Because of my naturally frizzy hair (thx for those genetics mom and dad) I personally douse my hair in heat-protectant spray and use a wand to curl my hair in various directions. I straighten the ends -about an inch- with a flatiron and use my fingers to loosen and separate the curls. For an extra boost of volume, flip your head over and spritz some dry texturizing spray on your roots.

Finally, add a neutral colored headband like mega-babe Delainey, pictured above.


6. The Timeless Headband Chignon


We love this elegant look because it looks like it took hours, but takes minutes. For a similar animal print style try our patterned twist headband in Cheetah.

Start by taking a 1-2 inch section of hair starting with the hair closest to your face and twist it once and tuck into the headband. Repeat on the opposite side. Split the back section into 3 parts and grab, twist, and tuck - working your way into the middle. Pull out the hair at your crown as well as around your face for a more tousled look. Finish with a light hold spray and you have your new go-to updo.


7. Double French Braids


Ahem. Calling all girls who love to workout, this double French braid hairstyle is durable and adorable. Heads up, this style works best if your hair is shoulder-length or longer.

Part your hair in the middle and do two separate French or Dutch (inside out French) braids and tie with a thin, clear elastic. Toss on a non slip knotted headband to keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on your gains. For me, the braiding was my arm workout for the day (iykyk).

Secret tip: Sleep in this style with slightly damp hair and wake up to beachy waves without the heat damage.

8. The Iconic 1960s Style


As of late, I’ve been rocking this sleek hairstyle with my Midnight turban band and a high-neck top. People have stopped me in stores or on the street to tell me I have ‘major 60s vibes’.

The key to this iconic look is volume. Section off and backcomb the underneath of the hair, all the way down to the base. Then, brush back the top layer. Use the headband to really essentiate the bump. You can wear your hair down with flipped-out ends or tie back into a perky ponytail.

For an even more 60s-inspired look, define your eyelid with a subtle cut crease and add a winged liner (seen above on Hailey Bieber).


9. Boho Side Braid


We love the perfectly imperfect boho-inspired side braid for all seasons.

This style works best on longer hair and the dirtier the better (think 2-3 days since last wash with dry shampoo to texturize). Part your hair to your preference, braid down to the ends and secure with an elastic. Tug gently on the plait to create the desired messy look. Pull out some hair on the opposite side to frame your face. Add in a butter soft twist or turban band in your fav color to make your look pop.

TIP: For an extra disheveled look, tease your hair before braiding. It adds character.

10. Half-Up, Half-Down


Last, but def not least, is the half-up half-down trend.

We love this look because it is versatile. It can be messy or polished, straight or wavy, relaxed or perky. Whatever you desire. It gives a boost of volume and looks stylish on any length of hair. Section your hair right above your temples and pull back into a pony, bun, or braid. I personally love a cool scrunchie.

It’s perfect for a lazy day because it can be achieved in minutes. For this style we recommend one of our new patterned headbands.



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