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8 Tips to Prevent Split Ends

8 Tips to Prevent Split Ends

| Carly Bitz

No matter your hair texture or color, we are all susceptible to pesky split ends. And once you have them, well, all you can do is cut them off. The key is prevention and developing a routine that will maintain healthy hair. 

Some habits can be detrimental and cause ends to fray, frizz and break off. I cringe thinking about the times I used to dye my hair back to back or use heat on semi-dry hair. Below are 8 tips that will have you re-thinking your hair care routine.

1. Don't Over Wash Your Hair

Did you know you can train your hair in order to space out your washes every 3-4 days? When you wash everyday, the result is extra oil in your hair to compensate for what the shampoo is stripping. Natural oil is good for your hair, BUT using shampoo and heat styling everyday is not. Your hair will inevitably dry out, leaving you with breakage and a dry scalp. No thanks.

When training your hair, dry shampoo is your new BFF. When you do wash, avoid cleansing your ends and stick to just conditioner on the bottom half. 

2. Space Out Your Appointments

I'm a natural blonde, but not that beachy-cali-blonde... more like a mousy-dishwater blonde. Highlights and balayage have been in my life since I was 12.

Bleach and toner will dry out your hair. Make sure you are spacing out your appointments at least every 3-4 months to give your locks a break. Use conditioning products in-between appointments to give your hair a needed boost of moisture.

3. Get Regular Trims

Speaking of appointments, regular trims are essential to preventing split ends. Aim for a quarterly trim to dust off any breakage. If you are trying to grow it out - schedule an appointment every 12 weeks and tell your stylist to take off a quarter to half an inch. 

Depending on your hair type, you may be able to make a bi-yearly appointment. There is no one answer. Unless your ends are visibly damaged, go now!

4. Use a Hair Mask or Deep Conditioner Weekly

Your hair needs nourishment. Using a hair mask or deep conditioner weekly will ensure your strands gets the moisture that it needs. The less dry and damaged, the less your hair will break. 

The benefits of a weekly hair mask also include increased shine and manageability.

5. Use a Microfiber Towel

The products you use in the shower are important, but so are the steps you take as soon as you are out. Skip cotton and invest in a microfiber towel.

They drastically reduce the amount of frizz and prep your hair for styling. I usually wrap my hair for about 10 minutes to soak up the water and do my skincare routine in the meantime. 

6. Be Gentle After Washing Hair

Wet hair is fragile and easily prone to damage, which is why you need to be extra gentle with it.

After letting the microfiber towel remove water post-shower, spray your hair with a detangler and use a brush that doesn't have any metal. I recommend a wide tooth comb or a brush that is made for tackling knots. Some find it easier to brush in the shower after conditioner is applied. Find what works best for you and your hair type. 

7. Invest in Top Shelf Products

Drug store brands may impact your wallet, but they won't do anything extra for your hair. If you're investing in good quality heat-styling products, it only makes sense that you use higher quality prepping products to protect your strands.

Salon-quality hair products are more concentrated, which means you can use less. Some drugstore brands can strip your hair of it's natural oil, leaving you with brittle, dull locks. If your already struggle with dullness, try investing in a quality oil to put on your ends daily. 

8. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase provides a gentle surface for when you are twisting and turning in bed. It creates less friction, which definitely helps prevent split ends. If you can't opt for a silk pillowcase because of the price tag, try satin.

A huge bonus to silk pillowcases is that they are also good for your skin. Win win.

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