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  • Styling 101: Neutrals Edition

    Styling 101: Neutrals Edition

    Neutrals are a staple in every wardrobe. Pro Tip: Fill your closet with classic pieces that can be dressed up or down and you will have endless fits.  We can't all afford stylists, so consider our team your personal shopper. We put together 4 of the cutest looks and linked the items below to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. 
  • 9 Second Day Hairstyles That You (And Your Hair) Will Love

    9 Second Day Hairstyles That You (And Your Hair) Will Love

    Ain't nobody got time to wash and style their hair everyday. Even if they did, washing your hair too much can actually be damaging to your locks. Shampoo is designed to remove excess oil - but everyday washing will strip your hair of its natural, essential oils leaving you with dehydrated hair and a dry scalp. No ty. We've gathered our favorite second day hairstyles (or third or fourth, we don't judge) so that you can hide unclean hair and style heat-free
  • 10 Best Headband Hairstyles

    10 Best Headband Hairstyles

    Try these 10 hairstyles with different hairbands, adding a POP to your look!