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What Is A
Hair Tie Bracelet?

Hair Tie Bracelet

Hair tie bracelets it exactly how it sounds, it is a hair tie that looks like a bracelet. A hair tie bracelet is a combination of fashion and function. On the fashion side, they have a bracelet look that can be worn with any outfit. On the function side, hair tie bracelets work better than your average boring hair ties because they are made of bamboo & other fabric, not typical elastic + come in a variety of colors!

So, if you're looking for a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face, or just a unique accessory to add to your wardrobe, hair tie bracelets are a great option!

Soulvation Hair Tie Bracelet

7 Benefits of a Hair Tie Bracelet

1. Bamboo fabric maintains shape better than elastic. Less likely to lose them

2. Unique designs that DOES NOT TANGLE hair

3. Last longer than average elastic hair ties

4. No tearing or pulling hair

5. Keeps hair in place

6. Goes with every outfit

7. For all occasions

What Makes The Best Hair Tie

A surprising amount of those on the market will actually damage your hair. Some ponytail holders will trap and break dry or fine hair. Others will leave creases on thick, curly hair. The use of cheap hair ties causes damages without even realizing it. Hair professional attribute fabric & design as the difference between the best hair ties & the worst.

Fabric: Traditional elastic materials may give you a tight hold, but they also may cause bald spots from ripping out your hair. While softer materials such as bamboo are best if you are trying to reduce frizz, tension and tangling. And those with more fragile hair should always use a bamboo based hair tie.


Design: All hair ties have the same goal (keeping your hair up and off your face), but some work better than others depending on your hairstyle. A traditional elastic is a cheap, all-purpose option that damages hair. While a rope, knot styles are ideal if you often style your hair and want to avoid creases, dents or bumps. If you have damaged, fine or processed hair we recommend bamboo hair tie bracelets.



Prevent Hair Tangle

If you're a fitness enthusiast, make sure to keep your hair out of your face while working out. Wear your hair in a braid, ponytail, or bun while playing sports, swimming, or simply exercising to avoid tangles. When you're finished exercising, the less your hair moves and the less it becomes entangled from sweat, the easier it will be to brush through. To avoid hair breakage caused by tight hairstyles like buns and ponytails), remember to place them in different places on your head each time you wear them.

Hair Tie Style Tutorials


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