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How To Choose The Right Headband

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right headband. These decisions are commonly based on color or style. Purchasing headbands based on these two attributes will lead to hair damage with lasting effects. Choosing the right hairband starts with hair type, then fabric and finally style.

Soulvation Head Bands

Thick Hair Vs. Think Hair

The thickness or thinness of hair is commonly determined by the number of hairs-per-square-inch on your scalp. However, we don't use this method because it's time consuming and not necessary. Instead, you can simply look at the diameter of the individual strands to get an idea of strand thickness, which matters more when distinguishing between fine and coarse hair. This knowledge will come in handy when choosing haircare products since porosity (how well your hair absorbs moisture) is another important factor to consider.

Thick Hair Attributes

1. There scalp is barely visible.

2. You have to comb/brush frequently to tame the mane

3. It takes a long time for your hair to dry after washing it.

4. Your hairstyle naturally has a lot of volume.


Headbands for thick hair should be wider with moisture-wicking fabric, providing the support needed for thick hair.


We recommend a twist headband for thick hair

Thin Hair Attributes

1. Your scalp is very visible

2. Taming your mane takes little brushing or combing

3. Your hair dries quickly after washing it

4. You have to use a lot of products to get volume.


Headbands for thin hair should be skinner Moisture-absorbing and breathable, providing the support needed for thin hair.

We recommend a knot headband for thin hair

Headband Fabric Types

Bamboo Headbands (Best For All Hair Types)

Bamboo is a strong, flexible fiber that makes it more durable than cotton. If your hair is dry or gets damaged easily, this is perfect for you as bamboo helps lock in moisture to keep your strands healthy. Bamboo is Hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin that tend to experience allergic reactions or suffer from eczema.

Silk Headbands (Good For All Hair Types)

Silk is a luxurious fabric that feels great on your head. It's smooth and doesn't pull your hair like some of the other fabrics can. The downside to silk is that it's not as stretchy so it might not stay in place as well as the others. Silk is also a little more expensive than some of the other options. Also silk is not vegan friendly, taking 3000+ silk worms to produce 1lb of silk.

Spandex Headbands (Good For Thick Hair) 

Spandex is a synthetic fabric that is very stretchy. It's often used in athletic wear because it doesn't move around when you are sweating. The downside to spandex is that it's not as breathable as some of the other fabrics so it might not be as comfortable in the summer.

Nylon Headbands (Good For Thin Hair)

Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is very strong and durable. It's also stretchy so it will stay in place better than silk. The downside to nylon is that it can sometimes be uncomfortable if it's too tight.

Cotton Headbands (WORST! For All Hair Types)

Cotton causes brittle, dry hair leading to breakage. Cotton is not breathable, lacks durability and cause itchiness. The only postive price. Cotton is cheap to produce, lowering the price. DO NOT SCARFICE YOUR HAIR FOR PRICE! It will cost more to fix your hair, compared to taking care of it.



Headband Styles

Knot Headbands

These headbands are usually have a knot or a bun on top. Knot headbands are adjustable, making them ideal for all hair types & hair styles.

Twist Headbands

Twist headbands are just what they sound like, they are wider than average headbands with a twist on top. They are great for thin and thick hair while sleeping, preventing frizz & taming the mane. Additional Twist headbands are perfect for everyday wear.

Turband Headbands

Turban headbands are extra wide. These are ideal for thick hair because it can hold everything together. The extra wide headband is the most comfortable type of headband.

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