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By Carly Bitz

5 Styling Methods to Achieve Perfect Beach Waves

Summer is right around the corner and beach waves are on trend.

Sadly, we can't all have sun-dried, salt-sprayed waves straight from Malibu. Luckily, we have hot tools and products that can replicate the must-have mermaid locks. Now is the perfect time to learn the style of the season.

Keep reading for 5 tried and true methods for achieving the coveted undone waves you see all over IG. Opt for one that works best with your hair type.

1. Flat Iron Waves 


Wait, but I thought flat irons were for straightening? False! They are multi-use and can create a beach wave that will stay-all-day.

Spray heat protectant on your locks to prevent damage while your flat iron is heating up. Section your hair and flip your straightener away from your face, and slowly glide down the strand. Repeat til you have a head full of curls and brush out when you are finished for a tousled, undone look.

Try practicing at night or before you're about to wash, that way if you mess up - it's NBD.

2. Overnight Waves

Heatless styles are a go-to this summer. Give your hair a healthy break from the high temps and try overnight waves. After showering, apply a leave-in conditioner and braid lightly damp hair (about 90 percent dry) into a basic 3-strand plait. 
When you wake up, remove the hair tie and shake out your waves. Use a texturizing spray to up the volume. 

3. Au Natural

If you naturally have wavy, textured hair - this is the style for you. Let me introduce you to salt spray, your new BFF. Spray into damp hair and let air dry for a carefree, tousled texture.

Another option to create an au natural look would be using a diffuser. Apply a lightweight mousse to your hair and scrunch while diffusing for best results. 

4. Wanded Waves

For wanded waves, begin by blowdrying hair smooth (don't forget your heat protectant). Lightly spray hairspray before curling for a tighter hold. Wrap a one-inch section around the wand, leaving out the ends for a beachy-vibe.
Alternate the curl pattern for a more disheveled look and finish with dry shampoo to texturize.

5. Ponytail Method

This style method is for my long-haired ladies. Gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Use a curling iron on sections of the hair in the ponytail (leave an inch or two of the ends out of the iron). 
After curling, take the elastic out and run your fingers through the curls for a tousled look. Use a texturizing spray and voila - summer ready.


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