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By Carly Bitz

Top Trending Boho-Chic Hairstyles for 2021

Festival season may be postponed this year, but you can still have the boho-chic hair of your dreams. We've gathered our favorite braids, twists, and heatless looks so that you can rock your natural texture in style.

1. Voluminous French Braid (With Extensions)

This one is for my long-haired ladies. This braid was achieved with extensions - so don't feel bad if you don't naturally have gorgeous mermaid hair. Ariana said it best: "You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it".

For this look, Eva (pictured above) sections her hair and uses a straightener to curl her roots back. This, plus dry shampoo, is what gives so much volume at the top without teasing.

Once the braid is halfway braided, start fanning it out for a thicker look - if you wait until you add the hair tie it becomes more difficult to avoid frizz. When finished, pull out face-framing pieces and add a clip for some extra jazz.

2. Double Dutch Braids

Durable and adorable. This double dutch braid can be done on short and long hair and can be dressed up or down. Cute for a workout? Yep. Cute with a sundress? Mmhm. It's the versatility for me.

Part your hair in the middle and do two separate Dutch (inside out French) braids and tie with a thin, clear elastic. With a little practice, this style can be achieved in minutes.

Pro tip: Sleep in this style with slightly damp hair and wake up to beachy waves without the heat damage.

3. Pull Through Braid

This goddess style was the most searched for braid last summer, and for good reason - it's actually so easy. For this style, I recommend watching a video tutorial (there's multiple good ones on YouTube if you search 'Pull Through Braid' or 'Bubble Braid').

Once you have the method down you can do a single plait or spice it up with pigtail bubble braids.

Add accessories like clips or a wide headband and ...voilà. You have the perfect way to hide second day hair.

4. High Pony with Headband

Have you seen our new Turbands? They are the newest addition to the Soulvation line. Extra wide and reversible. When you slide the twist detail to the back, you get a boho/ruffled look.

Super cute with a messy bun or a disheveled high pony.

Turbands are perfect for hiding hair extensions on those days where you really just don't want to wash and style.

5. Messy Mermaid Plait

This style is best on dirty hair (lazy girls rejoice). If your hair is silky smooth, this style won't hold well. Second or third day hair will have the texture that this braid needs. PSA: You're going to need bobby pins for this one.

Start with beachy waves and back comb the crown for volume and pin. Take the next side section for the crown and twist it back. Hairspray and pull twist apart gently and pin. Do the same for the other side. When pinning make sure that you pull across to the other side and pin underneath it.

Repeat with the next section. Make sure all the hair is back at the nape now and secure with a ponytail. Then, flip the ponytail inside of itself. Gently pull the twist that is created apart.

Take a section from back of the pony and wrap around to hide the ponytail. Secure in back with a pin. Pull out face framing pieces and hairspray.

6. Half-Up, Half-Down

We mentioned in our blog post 9 Second Day Hairstyles That You (And Your Hair) Will Love that the claw clip has made a comeback. Start with beachy waves or your natural curls and add a braid on the lower half.

This look is super simple, on trend, and gives off all the boho-festival-vibes.

Below is another take on the half-up, half-down look. Trade out the claw clip for a scrunchie, create a plait down the center, and secure with a hair tie.

7. The Effortless Boho Cool Girl

Mairaly has that effortless cool girl style reminiscent of Zoë Kravitz (the epitome of boho style IMO).

She uses faux locks all throughout her head - impressively done herself. Then finishes with criss-cross braiding string for decoration. She has video tutorials on her channel showing the process.

Below is her natural hair that she keeps frizz free with a leave-in conditioner. IDK about you but I'm all heart eyes.


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