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By Carly Bitz

7 Popular Haircuts to Bring to Your Stylist in 2021

Looking for a change? Feeling 'dull'? You can stop scouring Pinterest for hair inspo because we found the top trending styles for 2021 for you.

Whether you want a trim or a transformation, there's a look for you. We even matched our accessories to each style so you know exactly what to shop for.

1. Curly Shag

If 2020 taught us anything, it was to embrace the messy. This tousled, layered look is everywhere right now. Big emphasis on 'layered'. The different lengths allow for natural texture and movement. We love this style for it's versatility and how it frames the face. 

Best Paired With: Adjustable Knot Headband

2. Long & Sleek

A classic cut that shows off your healthy locks. Adding long layers adds body and movement. Blow dry hair with a round brush for extra volume and voilà - a sophisticated look that will never go out of style. 

Best Paired With: Extra Wide Turband (Restocking April 2020)

3. Blunt Bob


Itching for a transformation? I usually want to keep my hair as long as possible, but last spring I was beyond ready to cut off all my heat/bleach damage and start fresh. I swear my hair doubled in thickness.

You'll never regret exchanging split ends for healthy ends. Defy the #imnotgonnadoit TikTok trend and chop it. 

Best Paired With: OG Scrunchie for a cute half up-half down look

4. Asymmetrical Chic


The chic asymmetrical cut has made a comeback. And for good reason - it's undeniably cool. Try it on bob or lob length hair to add dimension and frame your face. Plus this cut is super versatile and can be styled straight and sleek or wavy and texturized.

Remember to bring a photo (or a few) to show your stylist exactly what type of cut you want. I made the mistake of reading a magazine instead of watching my stylist and ending up with a 'Karen' cut, crying in the bathroom while my mom told me I was "beautiful on the inside". I promise that is not the vibe you want.

Best Paired With: Mini Scrunchie

5. Modern Pixie


Possibly the most dramatic, drastic hair change you can make - the pixie cut. It can be nerve-wracking but you'll know when you are ready. You can always start with a playful bob and work your way shorter. Make sure your stylist cuts your hair to compliment your face shape as well as your hair texture. 

Imagine how much time you'll save on washing and blow-drying! The pixie cut is edgy and liberating.

Best Paired With: Tie Bands (so cute in this short and sweet 'do)

6. Bangs (Curtain & Shag)


Ah, yes. The eternal question: "Should I get bangs?"

First off, ask yourself why you are getting them. If it's because you want bangs - then absolutely, yes, get them. If it's because of emotional turmoil... please sleep on it.

Curtain bangs (pictured above) are a good starting place. This 70s style is the perfect way to switch up your look. If you decide bangs aren't your thing, they are easiest to grow out.

Shag bangs have more of a "lived-in" look. Delainey (pictured above) and Taylor (below) both look fierce in fringe. Use a round brush to style or embrace your natural texture, just avoid flat-ironing to tame flyaways.

Best Paired With: Twist Headbands to keep those bangs back during workouts

7. The It-Girl Lob

Lobs (long bobs) give off that 'effortless cool girl' style. If you aren't quite ready to take the plunge into bob territory, the lob might be for you. There are plenty of variations: messy, sleek, asymmetrical, lob with bangs, layered lob, etc. Find what works best with your face shape and hair texture.

And, as with most haircuts, confidence is key. Show it off. Life is too short to have boring hair.

Best Paired With: Hair Tie Bracelets


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