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By Matt Hyder

7 Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles For All Hair Types


Why did scrunchies make a comeback? Easy. Besides being cute-as-can-be, scrunchies do little to no damage to your hair. are made with bamboo spandex (what gives our products that butter soft texture) which eliminates tugging and pulling of the hair.


1. Sleek High Pony


It's rare that we ever see Ari not wearing her signature high ponytail. This week she posted a twist on the famous look, adding face framing pieces, a scrunchie, and two clips to accentuate.


2. Out-Of-This-World Space Buns


Pull out some face framing pieces and voilà, alook even Zenon herself would envy.


3. Half & Half

The scrunchie adds a little extra volume; perfect for a second day hairstyle. Pick a color that matches your outfit like Lindsey above, or add a pop of color like Kennedy below.

4. Signature Messy Bun

5. The Elegant Low Knot

6. Braids for Days

7. VSCO Girl Bracelet

Warning, if you borrow to a friend - you may not get your scrunchie back.


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