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7 Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles For All Hair Types

7 Easy Scrunchie Hairstyles For All Hair Types

| Carly Bitz
Why did scrunchies make a comeback?
Easy. Besides being cute-as-can-be, scrunchies do little to no damage to your hair. Soulvation scrunchies are made with bamboo spandex (what gives our products that butter soft texture) which eliminates tugging and pulling of the hair.
Scrunchies are ideal for throwing up your hair for your daily skincare routines and perfect for keeping your blowout fresh while you are sleeping.
They can be worn in almost any hairstyle as a substitute for a hair tie. We gathered 7 super easy hairstyles that will work on any hair texture.

1. Sleek High Pony

It's rare that we ever see Ari not wearing her signature high ponytail. This week she posted a twist on the famous look, adding face framing pieces, a scrunchie, and two clips to accentuate.

2. Out-Of-This-World Space Buns

For a look that is both trendy and playful, space buns are a go-to. Part hair down the middle, secure hair with elastics, and twist into buns above your crown. Accessorize with scrunchies of any texture or size depending on your desired look.

Pull out some face framing pieces and voilà, a look even Zenon herself would envy.

3. Half & Half

This may be the most popular of the scrunchie styles. The half-up-half-down look is super simple and can be done on all hair types from thick waves to fine, pin-straight hair.

The scrunchie adds a little extra volume; perfect for a second day hairstyle. Pick a color that matches your outfit like Lindsey above, or add a pop of color like Kennedy below.

4. Signature Messy Bun

Messy buns. Perfect for an effortless "I want to look like I tried today, but don't actually want to try" look. It's versatility is unmatched - wear this style to your Pilates Zoom class in the morning or to your Valentine's date on Sunday.
Spritz some dry shampoo or texturizing spray onto your roots and fasten into a high pony. Twist hair into a bun and use bobby pins to secure. For a more tousled look, pull out pieces to your desired "messiness". Add a scrunchie for some added flair.

5. The Elegant Low Knot

The elegant, sleek low bun is a go-to look for models when they are off-duty.
Blow your hair out smooth and part hair down the middle. Brush hair into a ponytail and use styling cream or oil on your ends to ensure silkiness and tame flyways. Fix hair into a bun and secure with a scrunchie for a finishing touch.
Pro Tip: Spray your brush with hairspray for optimal sleekness.

6. Braids for Days

The scrunchie adds some glamour to this boho-chic style. We are swooning over this purposefully messy hairstyle. Starting at your crown, create two dutch braids and secure with a scrunchie in the back as a statement piece.
All heart eyes for this festival dream hair.

7. VSCO Girl Bracelet

Don't feel like wearing scrunchies in your hair? No worries, they double as a bracelet. They won't cut off your circulation or irritate the skin. We like to mix and match our OG Scrunchie with our Mini and our best-selling Hair Tie Bracelets.

Warning, if you borrow to a friend - you may not get your scrunchie back.

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