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By Kay Burton

The Must-Know Benefits of Bamboo Spandex

It’s no secret that Soulvation Society headbands are buttery soft. But what exactly makes them a silky hug for your head? Here’s what you need to know.

Bamboo vs. Cotton


Our headbands are primarily made from eco-friendly bamboo spandex. Bamboo grass is regarded as one of the most renewable and environmentally friendly resources in the world. Why? It’s one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

Bamboo is highly sustainable because it regenerates at its roots. It is naturally resistant to insects and pathogens, therefore requiring none of those toxic, harmful pesticides in the cultivation process. Because of this self-sufficiency and rapid growth, bamboo uses water efficiently (roughly 12 gallons to produce one pound of fabric).


Cotton on the other hand...


The cultivation of cotton requires 3x the amount of water to grow than bamboo. According to the Water Footprint, one pound of cotton requires 1,320 gallons of water. To put that in perspective, that’s 650 gallons for just one cotton t-shirt. Eek.

On top of that, the harvesting of cotton requires a highly intensive labor process to re-plant. In 2016, the US Department of Labor reported findings of forced labor or child labor in the cotton production industry in 18 countries.


So, bamboo is good for the environment...but is it good for me?


Yes, let me tell you why:


1. UV protectant


If you wear your band towards the top of your forehead, it’s going to protect your skin from those damaging UV rays that cause premature aging.


2. Hypoallergenic


No need to worry about feeling itchy or spotting redness. Our super soft bamboo spandex will not cause any negative skin reactions.


3. Antibacterial


Our headbands are a workout’s best friend because they keep you smelling fresh and clean while you are breaking a sweat. Bye bye bacteria.


4. Moisture-absorbing and breathable


Speaking of sweat, our headbands are moisture wicking. Say goodbye to those annoying moisture beads dripping down your face mid-run, now you can push yourself faster and longer. Try our knot style headband in Seabreeze shown on Ryahn above.


5. Insulating


Our twist bands are extra wide, so you can cover up your ears for your outdoor activities this fall. Bamboo spandex regulates your temperature so that you will stay cool in the summer and hold in the heat when the weather gets chilly.


6. Durable.


Bamboo spandex is highly sustainable, just make sure you are washing your headbands in cold water with colors and letting them air dry so they last the longest. Look at how gorgeous Delainey looks below in the color Sand - the color that goes with everything.



To achieve the beautiful array of colors for our headbands and Hair Tie Bracelets we use eco-friendly dyes that have passed environment testing. Don’t forget, when you receive your Soulvation Society package - the poly mailer bag is recyclable.

Not all of our pleasures have to feel guilty. We are doing what we can to be as eco-friendly as possible in our production and distribution.

We have 3 homes: our mind, our body, and our planet. Let’s do our best to take care of all of them.


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  • Cool. I just like hugs. I didn’t know they could be silky and good for the environment.

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