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By Carly Bitz

The Lowdown on our Headband Collection

Choosing a headband that is just right for you can be overwhelming when you have so many options. Will it slip and slide? Is it wide enough? What color looks best with my hair color?

We're here to take the stress away and give you all the info on our bands. Keep reading to find the perfect fit for you. And as always, click the picture to see available colors.

All of our headbands have the perks listed below:

✔️ Hypoallergenic - natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions

✔️ Antibacterial - stay odor free and feeling fresh

✔️ UV protectant - naturally helps prevent skin cancer

✔️ Moisture wicking - pulls moisture from you, helping keep you dry

✔️ Insulating - helps keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

✔️ Eco-friendly - helping save the planet

✔️Buttery soft - made with bamboo fibers


If you haven't tried a Soulvation headband, this is a great first option. Our knot style headbands have an expandable fit; you can tighten or loosen the knot to adjust the band to your comfort level. Texturize your hair with dry shampoo before putting the band in to ensure it will stay in place all day.


Our extra wide (5") twist headbands lay flat with an adjustable twisted front detail which make them perfect for workouts and everyday style. Hundred of reviews mention how well they stay in place and won't give you headaches. If you do have issues with your headband slipping, we recommend you wear the band closer to your hairline.
Tie Band

Our butter soft Tie Bands are multi-functional. They can be worn as a tie back headband, tied as a top knot headband, used as a hair scarf or tied in a bow for a cute ponytail/braid accessory.

Butter Soft Turband

Butter soft and EXTRA wide to minimize slipping and sliding. These headbands are reversible; wear the twist detail in the front or slide it to the back for a super boho/ruffled look. They have a looser fit, so if you are worried about your headband being too tight - this is the band for you.

Distressed Turband

These unique distressed headbands make any messy bun a little more fun! Soft, stretchy, and perfectly distressed. Wear with a boho knot in the front, or turn around and wear backwards for an ultra-wide turband look. A looser fit than other headbands allows for use with almost any hairstyle! A must have.

Want one of each? We made it easy for you.

Build your own Bundle
Mix and match any colors and headband styles
3 headbands = 15% off (code BUNDLE3)
5+ headbands = 25% off (code BUNDLE5)


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