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By Carly Bitz

4 Ways to Style Our Best-Selling Brami

In an alternate universe I have a stylist that hand-picks my outfits and I always look Hailey-Bieber-put-together. Unfortunately, my reality is destroying my closet while trying to piece together looks (does anyone really hang things back up?).

To save you from closet chaos, I styled our best-selling brami with bottoms from our Soulvation wardrobe collection. As always, click the picture to check sizing available and read the 5-star reviews. Choosing an outfit just got so much easier.

Work From Home Fit

The stretchy-fit brami is a customer favorite because it's compressive - so no bra is necessary. Work-from-home babes, rejoice! For ultimate comfort, pair with our OG Distressed Joggers, because who says you can't look cute even if you never leave the house.

Accessory match with an extra-wide Turband to keep your hair back while you're busy making career moves. 

Sunday Brunch

We've reached the peak of summer and patio brunch plans are a must. Match our brami (Dark Mauve pictured above) with our Day Date Skirt. The high slit will keep you cool while giving off a subtle feminine energy. Be prepared to hear: "Where did you get that outfit?!"

Don't forget to put a couple Hair Tie Bracelets on your wrist so you are messy-bun ready at a moment's notice.

Park Day


At Soulvation, we are all about comfort meets fashion. This outfit is simple, but guaranteed to be a staple in your wardrobe. Reviews have mentioned that the Hudson Lori High Rise shorts are just the right length. If you decide to order, I would recommend sizing down.

If the evenings get chilly where you live, check out our Oversized Shirt Jacket that comes in Cream and Olive. Grab a blanket and a book and you are park-ready.

Casual Date Night


I like to keep it casual more often than not, and the Hudson Thalia Loose Fit Denim are the distressed relaxed fit of your dreams. They have the perfect amount of slouch to give off that comfy boyfriend jean vibe. 

Perfectly paired with a white brami to show off your summer tan (but don't forget SPF; hot girls take care of their skin). Accessory match with our new Distressed Bands to complete the look.


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