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By Carly Bitz

How to Find a Hairstylist that is Perfect for You

POV: You just moved to a new city, and unfortunately you can't bring your favorite stylist (and flying back every three months for a trim isn't convenient or cheap).

Finding a new hairstylist that you trust with your favorite accessory - your hair - seems overwhelming, but luckily there are methods to finding your perfect stylist. And hopefully preventing any post-chop PTSD. 

Instagram Detective

Amidst your search, Instagram is going to be your BFF. Many stylists use hashtags to gain awareness. Try searching your city plus hairstylist and if a certain color or cut catches your eye, check out their profile. Not only can you see their personal page, you can also check out their tagged photos to read reviews.

Or go ahead and DM a girl whose hair you absolutely love. My last stylist I found through a blonde friend I followed who had the perfect icy blonde locks. It never hurts to ask!

Book a Blowout

Once you have found a prospective stylist, book a blowout to get a feel for them and discuss your haircare needs. It's basically a free consultation and you'll leave with freshly styled salon hair. Win win.

Your hair is tied to your self-esteem so you should be picky about who holds the scissors. Take your time until you find a stylist who is a good fit for you.

Ask Around

Never underestimate word-of-mouth. Ask friends and co-workers where they get their hair done. At some salons, you and your friend may even get a referral discount. 

If you are hesitant like me, have an in-depth consultation where you can go into detail about what you need, i.e., face-framing layers, a voluminous cut, or taking off the dead ends.

Narrow Down What You Want

Be specific and certain of the style that you want. I have trust issues with my hair (we don't have time to unpack all of that, but long story short I wanted an inverted bob and left with a spiky can-I-speak-to-the-manager style). It's not easy to bounce back after a horrific cut. 

The best solution is to be concise and bring photo inspiration of what you are looking to do. A good, experienced stylist will tell you if it's not going to be a good style for your hair type or facial structure. 

Remember, you are walking around showing off your stylist's work. They should have you leaving the salon looking and feeling like a million dollars.


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