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By Kay Burton

5 Knot Hairband Hairstyles

The versatility of our Knot Headbands is unmatched. Elevate your look in seconds with these five easy hairstyles.

Don't forget! The great thing about our Knot Headbands is they’re adjustable! Tighten or loosen the knot to adjust the band to your comfort level.


1. Classic Messy Bun


The Knot Headband can turn the OG messy bun from woke-up-late to elegant in seconds! This effortless style is great for those days when you need to run out the door. (Or when your hair is just not wanting to work with you!)

Be sure to pull those cute face-framing strands out to amp up the look!


2. Space Buns!  


Instead of just one bun, brighten your look with two. This funky look is going to be one of our favorite hair styles this summer!

Pro Tip: Our knot headbands are adjustable for any look! Tighten or loosen the knot to your liking. You can even slide the knot to the back of your head for a classic headband look.


3. Hair Down


It's easy to wear the same hairstyle everyday. Adding our Knot Headband is a simple way to dress up those natural waves and curls!


4. Easy Breezy Ponytail


Cover up those baby hairs or flyaways with this cute look! The perfect on the go style. Wether you're at the beach, gym, or even the grocery store, this is the perfect style for you and your active lifestyle.

Bonus: Add your favorite pair of cute earrings to dress it up!


5. Boho Chic


The quickest way to turn your look Boho! This is another stylish way to incorporate color to jazz up your look.

Pro Tip: Use Dry Shampoo and a couple bobby pins to help keep this look in place all day.


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