5 Twist Headband Hairstyles – Soulvation

By Kay Burton

5 Twist Headband Hairstyles

Our Twist Headbands are the cutest way to dress up or dress down any look. Bet you didn't know just how many ways you can style it ;) These looks will have you grabbing your Twist Headband every morning!


1. Simple Sleek Back


Show off that beautiful bone structure and keep your hair out of your face all day with this classic look. Perfect for any occasion. Add some dry shampoo to your roots to ensure a locked in look!


2. Braid it Up!


Spice up that simple ponytail by adding a braid instead! Perfect for exercise or anything on the go. Don't be scared to show off your skills with a Fish Tail or French Braid too!


3. Workout Bun


Feel cute and fresh with a simple bun and face-framing pieces! A look sure to make your gym crush do a double take. (;


4. Bringing Back the Pigtails!


Who says you can't still rock this cute style? Perfect for a summer day playing outside with your dogs or kiddos!

Bonus: Secure your pig tails with a super soft and stretchy Hair Tie Bracelet!


5. Classic Hair Down

Nothing beats this classic look. A great way to dress up your look for Monday morning zoom meetings or happy hour with the gals!


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