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By Matt Hyder

7 Night Out Hairstyles That Are Trending This Summer

Summer has arrived - the days are longer, and the nights are warmer. If you need hair inspo for your weekend plans, look no further. We found the top trending styles for the season.

Below are 7 of our fav styles for a night out that only take minimal time and effort. 

Curled Side Pony

Feminine, fun and flirty the side pony is a go-to. Try blow drying your hair upside down to get high volume at the roots and style to your preference. Pull out face framing pieces to accentuate your bone structure. 

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Brushed Out Beach Waves

Take flat hair and turn it into the beachy hair of your dreams in less than 10 minutes. For this look, you want to go for a bend instead of a full-on curl. 

Start the curl midway down your locks and hold for only a second. Then loosely pull through to the end and clamp down to almost straighten that last inch. Alternate the direction of your curling iron (away and toward the face) for more defined waves.

Tousle the hair with your fingers and use a texturizing spray to achieve an 'undone' look.  

Straight & Sleek
A straight and sleek style looks amazing on a blunt or layered cut. To achieve the flipped ends, blow dry with round brush or blow dry brush. For added sleekness, use your favorite styling creme before drying and apply oil to the ends.
Pro tip: Tame flyaways by spraying hairspray on an unused toothbrush or use a dryer sheet.
Face-Framing Braids

Seen on celebs like Margot Robbie and Madison Beer (and nearly every Instagram influencer), this feminine look perfectly frames the face while adding texture. This look works with straight or curled hair. For a less dramatic look, try tiny, loose braids.

You can keep the braids down, tuck them behind your ears, or bobby pin them towards the back to create a crown.  

90s Comeback
The 90s have made a comeback in 2021. Butterfly clips, bucket hats, and claw clips - you name it. To get the look, try accessorizing with face-framing clips matched with a crop top.
Sleek Pony
Classic hairstyles like the sleek pony will never go out of style. Try this 'do with second day hair and skip the dry shampoo. The sleek and tight ponytail miraculously hides your oily roots because you're working with it. It is actually easier to achieve this style with dirty locks.
Half & Half
Half-up half-down hairstyles are perfect for achieving volume while keeping your length. Next time you style this look, try using our Hair Tie Bracelets or double up on our Mini Scrunchies for a super hold.
There are different variations of this style; you can make it as casual or formal as you want it. Our favorites are the half-up messy bun and half-up sleek high pony. 


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