Soulvation Weekend Style Guide

By Carly Bitz

Soulvation Weekend Style Guide

I'm a firm believer in not waiting until the weekend for happiness, with that being said - TGIF still feels so good. Working from home, I don't need to put much effort into my fits, but when the weekend rolls around I become the style icon I was meant to be. 

If I don't plan out what I'm going to wear, my closet is usually destroyed in the process of picking an outfit. Kudos to you if you hang every item back up after trying it on. If you struggle knowing what pieces to put together to complete your outfit, worry no longer because we created a style guide for every weekend activity.

Plus, our Summer Sale just started meaning some options below are up to 50% off. We love to see it.

Brunch Res

The Sweetheart Set is one of my go-to fits. The material is airy enough to keep you cool on a patio during brunch (so you can enjoy those Saturday bottomless mimosas you've been waiting all week for). 

The heart-shape neckline enhances your curves and features an adjustable drawstring so you decide how loose or tight to cinch it.

Park Day


As you probably know, our team and HQ is located in Denver, CO where parks are a way of life. It's key to be comfortable. Pairing our lightweight Charcoal Trousers with a Compressive Square Neck Tank will be perfect for lounging with a book but functional enough to join in on a volleyball match.


Date Night

If you've been looking for a new fav pair of jeans, you found them. The Hudson Remi High Rise Straight Crop jeans add the perfect amount of shape, while hugging you nicely in all the right places. Pair with a Compressive High Neck Crop in your preferred color for a perfect first date fit. 

Sunday Morning Workout

Working out without having to rush in the morning is heaven. So are our super soft Cropped Tanks. Pair with our Utility Leggings for a go-to workout fit that is suitable for the gym or a walk outside. The leggings also have pockets so you don't have to worry about finding a place for your phone or keys. 


Netflix and Chill

Unwind in our Compressive Brami. There's a reason it's a best-seller - you don't need to wear a bra. Match with our cozy Ivory Knit Shorts for premium comfort while cuddling your boo during a horror movie or binge watching an addicting reality show. We don't judge.


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