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By Carly Bitz

How To Prevent Hair Dryness From Sun Exposure

We all know that sunscreen is essential during the summer months (and year-round if you want to prevent signs of aging) but most people forget to protect their hair from damaging UV rays.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause damage to the cuticle, causing a myriad of problems including discoloration, frizziness, split ends, and increased thinness. Not to mention, when your hair is dry - it becomes harder to manage. Don't count on your hair holding a curl when it's damaged. 

So, how exactly can you stop your locks from becoming distressed this season? Keep reading, we have all the tips you need to know below.

Create a Shield

Creating a barrier between your locks and the sun when you aren't in the water is crucial. Accessorize smart and invest in a wide-brimmed hat or one of our butter soft bandanas. Our superior fabric is UV-protectant and will keep the rays from damaging your hair and scalp.

If you don't want to shield your hair, the next best option is wearing your hair in a soft style like a low bun or braid. Avoid hair ties because they could cause tangling and opt for a scrunchie. Check out our different styles here

Blondes Beware

Having highlighted or bleached hair means your hair is already damaged (not like that will stop me from going to my triannual appointments for my babylights). If your hair is damaged from chemical treatments, it's already vulnerable and prone to excess damage from the sun.

It's key to use a weekly restorative deep conditioning mask to rehydrate and use products with SPF before styling. It's also a great idea to take a break from your flat iron this season.

Avoid Chlorine

If you are thinking about taking a dip in the pool, try to avoid getting your hair wet by wearing a messy bun. Because of the chemicals, chlorine allows your hair to be more susceptible to sun damage. If you do decide to dunk your head under water, rinse the chlorine from your hair ASAP when you get home. No blondes like the 'green tint'.

Proper Prevention

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. Use products that have UVA and UVB filters, and pay attention to your part when you apply. Cut back on washing your hair everyday and try to space out washing and styling to every 3 days. Again, wearing a protective hat or head scarf will do wonders for your strands. 

If you plan to do an outdoor workout, accessorize with one of our headbands that are UV-resistant.

Is It Reversible?

Luckily, there are products that will help heal your hair. Deep conditioning and using a hot oil treatment will nourish your locks and keep hair hydrated. Make sure to schedule trims as soon as you notice dryness to keep your ends looking fresh and stimulate growth.

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