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By Carly Bitz

8 Top Knot Hairstyles You Need In Your Life

Top knots will always be on-trend. Why? They are universally flattering, versatile, and can be done fairly quickly. I've gotten my messy bun down to under a minute - it's an art form. Practice makes perfect.

If you're looking for hair inspo for 'effortlessly chic' look no further.

1. Signature Messy Bun

The Soulvation queen herself, Leah Kay, has perfected the messy bun. This style is perfect for post-workout or second day hair. The key is to texturize - we love a good dry shampoo or hairspray. The added texture also prevents your headband from slipping and sliding. Double win.

If you want a messy bun, you have to make it...well, messy. But a chic mess. Ironically, that also reflects my life. 

2. Au Natural

If you have natural curls, enhance them. Try a heatless up-do like Zendaya blessed us with for the Critics Choice Awards. 

No heat = no damage. Try using a curl creme definer and pull your hair back into a tight bun. Pull out the baby curls to frame your face for a more tousled look.

3. Low Chic Bun

The sleek low bun gives off elegant yet cool vibes. It's chic enough to wear to an event or can be dressed down for a beach day.

Part your hair in a way that best suits you (I refuse to let Gen Z cancel the side part) and blow out smooth. Pull back tightly into a sleek bun that sits on the back of your neck. Secure with bobby pins.

Tip: For pesky flyaways, try taming them with a clear eyebrow gel. Who knew?

4. Scrunchie Secured

For a bun that doesn't feel meh, try accessorizing with a fun scrunchie.

It's an easy way to look 'put-together' in a flash and achieve that model off-duty look. I love how pulling the hair back accentuates the facial features.

Use a styling creme or anti-frizz serum to tame flyaways and throw hair up into a high (seen above) or low bun (seen below). We love the versatility. 

5. The 90s Flair

The claw clip is the 'it' accessory of the season. Twisting your hair into the clip gives you the illusion of a bun without the hassle of elastics and bobby pins. Less pulling = less breakage.

This look can be styled sleek and professional or tousled and imperfect for a more romantic vibe.

6. Half & Half

If you want the volume of a bun, but want to keep your length - try a half up half down style. A high pony with a section of hair wrapped around it will give you the Ari look you've been dreaming of.

Don't have thick enough hair to wrap? Find a ponytail extension that matches your hair color. No one says that you can't buy your glow up.

7. Bangin'

If you are one of the quarantine queens that cut bangs, you're not alone. Bangs add a flirty energy to your top knot. Side-swept, straight-across, or curtain - we love them all. 

Pair with a red lip or hoops for extra fashionista points.

8. High Volume Top Knot

This voluminous bun is polished yet low effort. The higher and the bigger the bun - the better. Try teasing the hair for more volume and using a thickening spray if you don't have naturally full tresses.

Curl the face framing pieces for a Bridgerton-worthy look.


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