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By Kay Burton

How to Keep Your Headband in Place All Day

Headbands are at the top of the list of trending hair accessories this year. In our recent Instagram poll, headbands were our most loved product (I mean, we aren’t Home of the Butter Soft Headbands for no reason, right?)

It’s the versatility for us. They can be a fun way to spice up your favorite outfit or they can be your BFF during a workout. That is... when they stay on. No one likes the constant slip'n'slide and having to readjust their band multiple times throughout the day.

So, why is your headband slipping? The culprit could be super clean hair. Silky, smooth hair is kryptonite to your headband and it will likely fly off as soon as you look down. It could also be how the headband is positioned or maybe you haven’t found the right style for your head shape/size. Below are the tips and tricks that the Soulvation team swears by!

Just Add Texture

Like we mentioned above, freshly washed hair can make your headband pop off (and not in the good way). Second or third day hair is ideal, but if you can't wait try texturizing with dry shampoo or hairspray so that your headband has a grip.

Keep it at the Hairline

Ah, physics. If your headband isn't placed correctly, gravity will pull it off. You definitely don't need to wear in in the middle of your forehead - but let it touch your hairline in both the front and the back. The weight should be evenly distributed.

Remember, headbands love to grip on to something - you can pull it over your ears for extra security (shown above).

Tie Band = Ultimate Control

Tie bands are perfect for anyone who says that they have never found a headband that stays on. No more worrying about sizing. With these, you have ultimate control because you decide how tight or loose to tie the knot.

Our Knot style headbands also have some flexibility and are adjustable within an inch.

Boho Style

Some have found our Twist bands to be too tight. I always recommend our Turbands because of their looser fit and extra wide band. We are restocking in April - click the link and click 'Email When Available' and you will be first to know when they are back in stock. 

Pin It

When you have tried all of the above and nothing seems to work, pin it. Use bobby pins (similar to your hair color) to make an X at the back of the headband near your hairline. The pins will attach your hair to the headband preventing slipping and sliding. Ingenious!


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