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By Carly Bitz

6 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Hair

Healthy hair is always the goal.

Sometimes our everyday habits can unknowingly damage our locks. No worries, we got you. Keep reading to discover 6 common hair mistakes that could be preventing you from having the hair of your dreams. 

1. Washing Too Much (Or Not Enough)

Excessive washing can strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it silky smooth. When you wash everyday, the result is extra oil in your hair to compensate for what the shampoo is stripping.

Natural oil is good for your hair, BUT using shampoo and heat styling everyday is not. Your hair will inevitably dry out, leaving you with breakage and a dry scalp. No thanks.

On the flip side, not washing enough is also damaging. If you are noticing a dry or itchy scalp you might have excess build-up that needs to go. Washing every three days is a good guideline.

2. Wearing a Ponytail or Messy Bun Daily

Bad news for my messy-bun-loving ladies. Wearing your hair up in a top knot daily can cause stress on the scalp and breakage around the area of the hair tie.

Can't part with your style? Use a scrunchie with a less harsh fabric.

3. Applying Product To Your Roots

Cremes and oils can clog your follicles and weigh down your hair. When applying, focus on your mid shaft to ends for optimal results. 

Take a deep breath because this does not apply to dry shampoo or volumizing products.

4. Skipping Out On Heat Protectant

You wouldn't sit in the sun for hours without sunscreen - give your hair the same care. Using a heat protectant will create a barrier between your healthy locks and your styling tools, minimizing frizz and sealing in moisture.

5. Avoiding Maintenance Trims

Regular trims are essential to preventing split ends. Aim for a quarterly trim to dust off any breakage. If you are trying to grow it out - schedule an appointment every 12 weeks and tell your stylist to take off a quarter to half an inch. 

Depending on your hair type, you may be able to make a bi-yearly appointment. There is no one answer. Unless your ends are visibly damaged, go now!

6. Not Caring For Wet Hair

Wet hair is fragile and easily prone to damage, which is why you need to be extra gentle with it.

After towel-drying, spray your hair with a detangler and use a brush that doesn't have any metal. I recommend a wide tooth comb or a brush that is made for tackling knots. Some find it easier to brush in the shower after conditioner is applied. Find what works best for you and your hair type. 


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