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By Carly Bitz

How to Find the Perfect Bangs for Your Face Shape

We've all considered bangs at one point or another. Whether you just wanted a change or you were going through a quarter-life crisis (no judgement here, my entire life is a crisis), it's bound to cross the mind.

My previous co-worker cut bangs during quarantine, but they actually looked...well bangin'. Why? She chose bangs that fit her face shape. Tragedy averted. 

Below is a guide to finding the perfect bangs for your face shape. The key is to play up your features in the best way. Round, heart, square, you name it and we found the style for you.


If you have a round face shape like supermodel Gigi, opt for side-swept fringe or curtain bangs. It's ultra flattering because it elongates the face. Now if only we could emulate her selfie game.

Rectangle or Heart

Arguably the queen of bangs, it's hard to imagine Zooey Deschanel without her signature look.

Zooey has been rocking wide, blunt bangs in almost every role we've seen from Jessica Day to Summer Finn. If you have a heart-shaped or rectangle face this is your go-to.

Another option would be a heavy side-swept bang (as seen on the princess of pop below). A diagonal angle allows for the focus to be in the center of your face, highlighting your eyes and lips. Match with a high pony for ultimate Ari energy.


If you have a strong, angular jawline - you likely have a square shaped face. You'll want bangs that create a soft contrast to your enviable angles. If you have a longer face, try to stick to fringe bangs that hit a little past your eyebrows like RiRi.


Oval-face shaped ladies, go ahead and thank your parents for your good genes because you can pull off almost any bang style. Your width and length are perfectly balanced. Lucky you.

My personal favorite is the textured fringe seen on both T. Swift and Kendall (below). 



If you have a diamond shape, your cheekbones are likely the widest point of your face. Try a side-swept bang to accentuate the eyes and hide a narrow hairline. You could also opt for a curtain bang to create an illusion of a more narrow forehead. 

As always, confidence is what makes a haircut. If there is a bang style that you love - go for it! The perfect cut is the one that makes you happiest. 


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