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Black Hair Tie

Black Hair Tie Bracelet

Black Hair Ties are the most purchased hair tie color. They work with long, short, thin, thick, dark & light hair. As functional as black hair ties are, they come at a cost: STYLE. 

Do you ever look back on pictures and hate that you forgot to take your hair tie off your wrist? Would it be nice if there was an alternative to boring, average hair ties?

Luckily there is! Black hair tie bracelets. They function better than average hair ties due to design & fabric. These hair ties look like a bracelet, so you no longer have to sacrifice function over fashion. Now you can have both!

Soulvation Black Hair Tie Bracelet

      How NOT To Lose Hair Ties

15,000,000 hair ties are lost or desposed of daily!

1. Have a decorative jar in your bathroom AND bedroom

2. Put a hook on your wall next to your jewelry

3. Use a carabiner in your purse

4. Wear hair tie bracelet all day with any outfit


Express Yourself With Black Hair Ties

Black is often seen as a symbol of sophistication and luxury because it has the ability to easily conceal vulnerabilities. Moreover, black typically evokes feelings of authority and formality. Finally, the unknown nature of black can sometimes instill fear in others.


Why Wear A Black Hair Tie


Black hairtie

Change The World

black hair tye

Make A Statement

black hairtye

Feel Your Best

hair tie for women

Inspire Other Women

Black Hair Tie
Black Hair Tye

Tie, Tye are homophones of the English language. They have the same meaning, different spellings. Some boil down the difference to American English Vs. British English. In any case a black hair tie is the same as black hair tye.

Black Hair Tie Style Tutorials


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