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By Carly Bitz

Thinning Hair Remedies You Need To Try

I think we can collectively agree, no matter the length, that we all want thick, healthy va-va-voom hair. My IG explore page is full of girls with long, mermaid hair that is likely extensions, but I still need it. 

IDK about you, but when I'm stressed I lose more hair than normal. Fun fact about me is that I have never been relaxed in my entire life (we don't have time to unpack all of that). I don't normally notice until I shower and it's falling out in my hands, gross, but hey - solidarity.

There can be a multitude of reasons for thinning hair:

• Over-processed hair

• Using extreme hold hairsprays too often

• Wearing hair back too tightly

• Vitamin deficiencies

• Having a baby, hormonal changes, birth control, weight loss, genetics, etc.

Luckily for us ladies with fine hair, there are ways to remedy hair thinning. It's definitely treatable, but results won't happen overnight. Try our suggestions below and in 6 months you are likely to see improvements.

Starts on the Inside

It's hard to have healthy hair when you are deficient in nutrients. Thick, shiny hair depends on your overall health - so try taking a daily multivitamin and eating foods rich in omega-3s and omega-6s. It's a good excuse to order fish tacos at dinner all summer. 

For my vegan babes, sprinkle chia seeds or flaxseeds in smoothies.

Chill Out

Stress produces an overload of Cortisol, which is going to kill off those baby hairs that are trying to grow. Easier said than done, but relaxing will help you on your thick hair journey.

Let go of what you can't control and do the actives that chill you out like exercising, meditating, or journaling.

Massage that Scalp

A free, easy way to start getting thicker hair. Massaging your scalp will stimulate the follicles and encourage blood flow. Bonus points if you tip your head upside down, you might look ridiculous - but a small price to pay.

Products Baby

There are products on the market that will prime your hair for ultimate growth and give it that extra oomph. Thickening sprays will give you the appearance of volume, even if you have thin, fine strands.

Some products are more expensive, but there are options for every budget. Don't give up hope and keep trying until you find the product that works best for you.

When All Else Fails

Accessorize! Moms know that Post Partum hair loss is real and sometimes it's nice to throw on a headband to hide the regrowth. Bands add a little extra jazz to an otherwise meh hairdo. Luckily we have all the style options and colors right here at Soulvation.


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