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By Carly Bitz

How to Minimize Damage from Heat Styling

For us frizzy-haired girls, styling tools are a blessing. But without proper precautions, the excess heat can be ultra damaging to your locks. No worries, we found all the tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fab and healthy.

So, what exactly does damaged hair look like? 

• brittle, straw-like texture

• dull, no shine

• breakage from internal damage

• dry and doesn't retain moisture

If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn how to avoid and properly care for your hair.

Care for the Cuticle

Our strands are delicate. Caring for the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) is top priority to keeping your hair smooth and frizz-free. Heat opens the cuticle, allowing for moisture to be retained. It's just as important to close the cuticle after conditioning by rinsing with cool water. 

Using hydrating oils will also penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen your tresses. Over time, your hair texture and elasticity will improve. 

Prioritize the Weekly Hair Mask

Using a hair mask is key to softening your locks. This is especially important for color-treated hair or hair that is easily susceptible to pesky split ends. For extra shine, use a deep-conditioning hair mask weekly.  

Never Skip the Heat Protectant

You wouldn't skip your daily SPF on your face - remember your hair also needs a protective shield from high heat and the sun.

Heat protectant creates a barrier between your styling tools and your tresses, keeping your hair soft and smooth. If you plan on laying out in the sun, invest in a hat to shield your hair from the damaging rays.

Adjust the Temps

Your styling tool doesn't have to be the temperature of earth's core. Be kind to your strands and adjust the temp to a medium setting. 

Air Dry 80%

The less direct heat the better. After showering, use a micro-fiber towel and let hair dry at least 80 percent before going in with your round brush and blowdryer. 

If you can, give your hair a break from heat styling a couple days a week. I like to use a hair mask on Sunday (self-care day) and let it air dry completely. Using a styling creme and oil tames my frizz and I can pull off a messy bun on Monday and Tuesday.

Past Prevention? Get a good haircut

Sometimes there is just no go back after the damage has been done. Cut off the dry ends and allow the hair to regrow while taking the proper precautions.

Take vitamins and eat foods rich in nutrients and omega-3s. You'll notice extra shine in your hair as well as clearer skin and stronger nails. 


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