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By Carly Bitz

Hair Hacks That *Actually* Work

Did quarantine have you mindlessly scrolling through TikTok videos? Us too. Especially the hair hacks.

We want our high quality hair accessories to accentuate your healthy, gorgeous hair. Here’s the tips and tricks that we swear by.

To Grow Your Hair...

Regular Trims: You can't expect your hair to grow with dry, split ends. Schedule in a quick dusting every 6-8 weeks for optimal growth.

Cotton Tee: Hair is fragile straight out of the shower. Skip the towel and grab a soft, cotton t-shirt to wrap up your hair. It prevents breakage and keeps you frizz-free. Win win.

Avoid Heat: Arguably heat and bleach damage are the -worst- types. Give your hair a break and let it air dry. If you have to use high temps to style, don't forget the heat-protectant spray.

Comb vs. Brush: Invest in a wide-toothed comb for wet hair, and a quality brush for when it's dry. Research what type would be best for your hair type with a simple Google search.

Mastering Your Curls...

Detangle in the Shower: Using a brush on dry hair creates frizz and disrupts your natural curl patter. Try detangling your hair with a comb or wet brush in the shower after using condition to maintain your defined waves.

Plopping: TikTok taught us this heat-free drying technique for curly hair. Start with freshly washed, wet hair and saturate it with your favorite leave-in styling products. Wrap your hair up in a t-shirt and secure it with a knot. Keep the tee on for 15-20 minutes and let your hair air dry to finish. Some girls who didn't know they had natural waves tried this method and found out they are part of the curl club.

Hands-Off: Brushes cause frizz, but so do fingers. Try to not touch your hair at all while it's drying, just let those natural curls do their thang.

For a Lasting Blowout...

Dry Shampoo: Most people use dry shampoo when they notice their hair is getting oily at the roots. We love it because it texturizes silky smooth hair which prevents our headbands from slipping. Pro Tip: if you use it at night before you go to sleep, it extends your blowout and really soaks up any excess oil/grease.

Sleep in a Scrunchie: If you sleep like me, basically a rotisserie chicken that tosses and turns all night, you're going to mess up your style. We like to loosely tie up our hair in one of our OG Scrunchies. It maintains your style and the super soft bamboo spandex fabric prevents breakage and pulling of the hair.

Condition Ends Only: Product can weight down your hair. For ultimate volume, condition only your ends.

Silk Pillowcase: Part of your beauty routine you may not have considered is the material you sleep on. Cotton pillowcases can cause frizz, breakage, and suck the moisture from your hair. Upgrade to silk for a luxury that your hair and skin deserve.

Taming Flyaways...

Toothbrush: Sounds whack, but instead of spraying hairspray all over your head (giving you stiff helmet hair that will never be in) try spraying a toothbrush with hairspray and then taming those pesky flyaways. A blush brush also works!

Dryer Sheet: Say goodbye to annoying static. Smooth your hair from roots to ends with a dryer sheet to fight flyaways. You can't control the humidity but you can control the frizz.



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