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By Carly Bitz

10 Common Hair Myths That Everyone Believes

With all the information that's available online, it's easy to get confused on what's fact or cap. We'll make it easy for you and debunk the popular misconceptions and give you only straight facts when it comes to beauty insights. 

1. If you pluck a gray hair, two more will appear in it's place.

Scientifically, its just not possible. Plucking a strand of hair will not have an effect on the follicle beside it. However, pulling out that hair could result in the regrowth the have a coarser texture - so it's best to just color your hair if you want to hide those pesky grays.

2. Trimming your hair once a year is sufficient

A regular trim will keep your hair in it's healthiest state. Try to aim for every 6-8 weeks to dust the ends in order to prevent split ends. Remember, the more you go, the less your stylist will have to chop off. Between appointments, use deep-conditioning treatments to keep your hair nourished.

3. You Should Shampoo Oily Hair Every Day

While washing daily may seem like an easy fix, your body will try to compensate for the lack of moisture and produce more oil. Instead, try washing every other day to avoid overdoing it and ending up with dry, brittle hair. Dry shampoo works wonders in-between washes.

If you must wash daily, invest in a sulfate-free shampoo.

4. The More You Brush Your Hair, The Better

Girl, don't do it. The internet promises shinier hair after 100 brushstrokes, but all you'll be left with is breakage and wasted time. When you do brush (only necessary when your hair is looking a mess), start at the ends and work your way up to the roots to prevent tangling and pulling.

If you want to stimulate healthy, shiny hair - try a scalp massage to increase blood flow to the follicles. 

5. Products can repair split ends

We've all heard it before, the magical product that can repair your dead ends overnight. As much as we wish this was true, there is no treatment for your split ends besides cutting them off. However, there are products on the market that can prevent split ends and we highly suggest investing in them to keep your hair healthy as can be.  

6. A Cold Water Rinse Makes Your Hair Shiny

Who likes showering in arctic cold temps? *crickets* Save yourself the discomfort because there is no proof that freezing cold water will add shine to your locks. 

Fun fact: Splashing your face with cold water is scientifically proven to help close your pores.

7. Wearing A Hat or Headband Causes Hair to Thin

This rumor couldn't be more false. On the contrary, wearing a hat or headband will actually protect your hair from the sun's damaging rays. One of the many benefits of our headbands is that they are UV-protectant, which is especially crucial for color-treated hair.

8. Seeing hair in the shower drain is cause to call the doctor

We addressed the subject before, there's a big difference between hair loss and hair shedding. It is completely normal to lose 50-100 strands a day (not much in comparison to the 100,000 on your head). If you go multiple days between washes, you may lose more. No need for alarm. 

9. Heat Tools are ultra-damaging

Contrary to popular believe, technology has advanced significantly and many styling tools are designed to keep your hair as healthy as possible. 

That does not mean your flatiron needs to be at the highest heat setting; aim for the optimal temp of 360 degrees Fahrenheit. For some tools, a low or medium will work sufficiently.

10. If you have dry hair, use loads of conditioner

Adding more conditioner doesn't mean that your hair will absorb more conditioner.   The heaviness will also have an effect on volume, so try to focus on your ends more than your roots. Apply just enough to coat your strands and leave it on for 3-5 minutes.


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