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Pre-order FAQ

What does "Pre-order" mean?

Due to Covid-19, many of our headband collections in 2020 have been delayed. Due to high demand, we have opened up a "pre-order" for our print headbands, as they take time to be manufactured and are 6-8 weeks delayed. When you place a pre-order for our printed headbands, your payment is received and your printed headbands will be shipped to you once we get them in approximately 6-8 weeks. 


What if I purchase other items with a pre-order item?

Your in-stock items will be shipped as soon as possible (within 3-4 business days). Once we get your pre-order headbands in stock (6-8 weeks), we will ship them to you right away and cover the second shipping cost for you!


Can I buy the pre-order headbands separately from the 3-pack?

During the pre-order sale, we are only selling the 3-pack printed headbands. We have a limited quantity available for pre-sale. Once we get the pre-sale headbands in stock, we will be able to sell individual headbands (unless we sell out of all of our quantity during the pre-sale).


How long does the pre-order last?

As long as we do not sell out of our limited pre-sale quantity, the pre-sale will continue 6-8 weeks from August 14, 2020 until we get the pre-sale headbands in stock.


I have questions about my pre-sale order. Who do I contact?

For all pre-sale questions, email us at