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The Must Have Hair Accessories for 2021

The Must Have Hair Accessories for 2021

| Carly Bitz
Hair accessories: where functionality meets fashion.
IDK about you, but my hair is important. We spend $$$ to keep the color fresh, get regular trims for healthy ends, and purchase the best products for an effortless style.
So, why not accessorize to draw attention to those luscious locks? Below is a list of the trending hair accessories for 2021.

Messy buns tan headband

Raven wearing Sand from our Knot Collection

So, this may seem biased since we are Soulvation Society, Home of the Butter Soft Headbands - but it's actually not.

Headbands have shown the biggest increase in searches within the accessory world (a whopping +14,100 spike last year!). It's no wonder ours tend to sell out - and we're not mad about it.

@haileybieber using a headband while getting her glow on

The market has variety. Everything from extra wide headbands, embellished headbands, braided headbands, velvet headbands, padded headbands, and sporty headbands is considered chic at the moment.

Sporty chic mint headband soulvation society

Sarah wearing Mint from our Knot Collection

We do love sporty headbands, especially ours. Why? They are moisture-wicking and made out of super soft bamboo fabric that your hair will love. Plus, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The colors are custom-picked and made from eco-friendly dyes. A purchase you can feel good about.

Scrunchies & Hair Ties

The Ultimate Hair Tie Trio from our Hair Tie Collection

It's important to note that trends are cyclical.

Scrunchies first became popular in the '80s as a gentler alternative to plastic and metal hair ties that would damage the hair. It also helped that music (and hair) icon Madonna rocked them, making oversized scrunchies a fashion staple.

@bellahadid rocking a half-up 'do post-workout

They stayed relevant in the '90s (*ahem* remember Full House fashion?) and then cycled back during the 'VSCO Girl Aesthetic' in 2019. We love securing a messy topknot with our OG Scrunchie or using it as a chunky bracelet.

Scrunchies seem to be here to stay.

Hair Tie Bracelets

Also reminiscent of the Madonna days, but we love that because who's cooler?

And let's face it, regular hair ties are basic. I let one of my friends borrow one the other day at brunch and she said, "I hope you know I'm not giving this back". Plus, no reviews mention tangling or creasing of the hair.

Leopard Print & Clips

Leopard Twist

Leopard print is a statement piece that never goes out of style.

Wear it in a headband, in barrettes to grow your bangs out, or in a claw clip for a more distinguished look. Speaking of claw clips, so in right now. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go.

@kendalljenner effortlessly styling a claw clip

Pull out your hair framing pieces, pair with a red lip, and play "I Am" by Yung Baby Tate because you are that B.


We love bandanas for the versatility.

You can find them in a variety of colors and prints and can be worn multiple different ways (see photo above). Soulvation Society has two neutral colors available right now: brown and black.

PSA: It doubles as a mask. Our bandana is also made with buttery soft bamboo fabric and won't cause irritation to your skin. That's a look we can get behind.


Photo of Kendall Jenner: PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

Photo of Bella Hadid: SMXRF/STAR MAX/ GC IMAGES

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