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Meet the Faces Behind Soulvation

Meet the Faces Behind Soulvation

| Carly Bitz

Your order is a click away, but so much goes on behind the scenes at Soulvation. We are a women-owned and operated company headquartered in Denver, CO. Whether you are wearing a headband custom-designed by Leah or chatting with Erica about your order - our killer team is the glue that holds Soulvation together.

Below is a little about each of us, what we do, and the Soulvation products that we can't live without.

Meet Leah



I'm Leah, Founder and CEO of Soulvation. In college, I consistently found myself running around campus with little time to spare to try to make my hair look good. It was nearly impossible to find a headband that was not only comfortable enough for all-day wear, but also was versatile and helped me look put together without spending hours a week maintaining my hair. I took matters into my own hands, grabbed my mom's sewing machine, and started making headbands for myself - and coincidentally how Soulvation started. 

Our lives get busier and busier, meaning time is of the essence and exactly why I continue to develop high quality hair accessories (and now apparel) that help you look and feel ready for the day without much effort. Comfort and versatility is what I ensure Soulvation stands behind while I continue to improve and progress products in the hair accessories industry. Use your time to your advantage!  


Meet Carly

Digital Design Strategist/Blogger

Hi, I'm Carly. I moved to Denver on a whim a year ago after graduating with my BS in Communications. I somehow stumbled upon my dream job at Soulvation, where I can create and write (thanks, Leah!). I love collaborating with the team and watching Soulvation grow. If I'm not working, you can usually find me reading at the park, shopping at boutiques, at happy hour with friends, or exploring the Denver area.

I rave about all of the Soulvation products, but most recently I've been loving the compressive tanks that you can dress up or down. 


Meet Nicole

Personal Assistant to the Founder and President

Hello, my name is Nicole! I'm from Chicago, IL and moved to Denver, CO in January 2021. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a minor in Management from DePaul University. I do all things digital marketing. I have been doing freelance photography for seven years now. I started out shooting family sessions and weddings, and now I have moved into shooting more lifestyle and branding content. I also create graphic art for social media and email marketing. I have a cute little doggy named Joey who is my favorite adventure partner. We love to travel and do anything outdoors. 

My favorite Soulvation product is the Turbands! I love how much material there is to hold all of my hair up.


Meet Alexah

Chief Operations Officer

Hi, my name is Alexah and I’m the Chief Operations Officer for Soulvation Society. When I started at Soulvation a year ago I did everything at the warehouse by myself and now I lead a team!
Due to my athletic background, Soulvation hair accessories are a staple in my wardrobe. From playing lacrosse to competing in powerlifting, the Mini Scrunchies and Tie Bands are always in my hair! 

Meet Ashlynne

Product Distribution Specialist

My name is Ashlynne and I have worked at Soulvation for almost a year now as a warehouse packer. I am a full-time college student, studying business. I have three horses and two dogs. 
I currently have my Colorado pro rodeo card, so one of my favorite things to do is compete in rodeos, specifically the barrel racing event. You can find me in any of our Turbands and Hair Tie Bracelets when I'm out in the arena practicing for the next rodeo!

Meet Giselle

Product Distribution Specialist

Hi, my name is Giselle. I love dogs and currently have 6 of them. I am an outgoing person and can make friends easily as long as they’re willing to get to know me. I currently work at Soulvation Society as a packer.
I highly recommend getting my two favorite pieces; the Twist Band and Hair Tie Bracelets. The headbands are not super tight, so they don't leave you with a headache, and the hair ties don’t damage your hair!

Meet Erica

Customer Service Manager
Hi, I'm Erica and I’m a Cancer. I was born and raised in West Fargo, ND. I grew up very athletic; I was a gymnast for 10 years and then did cheerleading for West Fargo High. I am married, have two kids (daughter age 7 and son age 11) and a 6- year-old dog.
My favorite Soulvation items are the Turbands and the Compressive Square Neck Tanks.


  • Posted by Arnette Schouten on

    All I can say is you are a group of awesome young ladies!!!

  • Posted by Dawn Fischer on

    Would Love to carry your collection in our resort store in WI. Please send wholesale link.
    Wilkins & Olander

  • Posted by Aimee Rosado on

    I absolutely love everything from your line! I have 2 turbans, 3 twist and 2 knot headbands plus 2 brami’s and another compressive top. I cannot wait to purchase more of the wardrobe as your products are top quality. Thank you..

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